Good Morning, White Morning, Good Morning, Black Morning

by Harm of Will

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Ethan Spitz
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Ethan Spitz This is a great album! I highly recommend it! Very strong! Favorite track: Summer Storm.
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This is my first album, a collection of songs written between summer 2010 and spring 2014. It's about empty summers and big dreams and weird sadness. I can't really listen to it anymore but people complained when I took it down so it's back up. Thanks for listening. xoxo


released November 2, 2014

Jordan Yamada played live drums on "Sweet Pea" and "Summer Storm". Thomas Crowther played the squeaky bass noises during the intro/outro to "Sweet Pea". Nick Demers did the rest of it.




Harm of Will Boston, Massachusetts

Harm of Will is the recording name of Nick Demers.

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Track Name: Good Morning, White Morning
Are you sleepy?
Why be sleepy now
having dreamed of a
white morning?

Oh, are you sleeping?
Come on, please get up
do something now before you
chase hope right into the grave
and fall back into all the
tedious violence of dreaming
but never becoming

how? how?? How??! HOW?! HOW??! how...

Are you sleepy?
why be sleepy now
having dreamed of a
white morning,
a white morn...
Track Name: Sweet Pea
My sweet pea
doesn't love me anymore
(te amo)

We picked weeds
in the garden 'til the night
but something died

and now it's night
please don't cry
I'm trying to be kind
because I(eieieieieie)

don't wish to contain you
anymore than I must
the barbed wire 'round the
garden is only for my
sweet pea's sake

So if you're
a broken mess
you're not alone
if I'm home
(I'm always home)

You and me
have seen a void
black opening
through sunlit branches...

Oh, look at me
young and healthy, starry eyed
for a while then I'll die,
and it's always on my mind
Track Name: Interlude (Cushetunk)
Track Name: Fields
Head low, why do you put yourself down?
Oh, maybe 'cause I'm mean
I wish that I wasn't afraid of
saying to you how I love you.

Why's the pressure always on me
to be such a creep?
I wish that I wasn't afraid of
saying to you how I love you.

Standing in fields full of corn by a highway
there's a powerline that's humming,
listen and you'll hear
the electric beat of June,

and if you could follow its lead,
it would take you where the sea
flows to meet up and join with the river,
washing away your desperate, foolish longing.
Track Name: Beautiful Bog
The lights inside my cave
are luminous and great
you could be knocking down my door
and I'd just stay inside my warm
world of subtle feelings,
of starry mountain peaks

Your orange street lamp gaze
stares holes straight through my day,
I wander aimlessly through glades
hoping a beautiful bog may
reveal my meek warrior heart
Track Name: Summer Storm
I'm just an infant
and I'm drowning in this
great, open ocean

I'd float over the city
but I'm grounded here by
deep, unseen forces
by suburban summer green
and heat (oh, heat)

Trees and goats
one stays the other

Tall grasses wave
and lanky fields feel

I've gone away
but baby does still

And milkweed heads
still peep up by the

And I'm a rescue kitty
who's waited weeks but
no one ever picked me

Maybe if I'm purring
they'll save me from this
great, open ocean

Death to day,
black churning rain clouds

From far away
a summer storm's
big winds come
to chase away the
radiant summer airglow

Sunshine screams,
its beats begin to

From far away
a summer storm's
big winds blow
and chase away the
radiant summer airglow
Track Name: Interlude (Sourland)
Track Name: Empty Days In The Light
Soft, fading glow
washes over a hill
and houses in the
valley down below

Nothing ever happens in my life
and what's the matter with that?

You were chasing a good life
and I'm following deep lights down
a path where grasses blow

We were always so tight
and now it's been five years
since I've seen you
and what's the matter with that?

You mattered more
than you know
and your snow's still
falling on my cheek

Empty days in the light
pass through me and out
forever lost, forgotten

I have traveled so far
but returning home
I haven't moved an inch
Track Name: Sweet Pea II
Shy little sweet pea
messing around
down under branches,
long hair let down

Silos are singing
cows graze on lazily
she's tessellating,
a breeze softly blowing

through trees and rivers
next to the house
she once grew up in,
small reaching sprout

She's in no hurry
because she knows well
how everything's fleeting
and what that means for a
shy little sweet pea

Meanwhile the backyard
creek cries warm light
and the cicadas
chirp in delight

Stars sing their swan songs
time bleeds on into the void but
she just keeps sprouting out


When you find home you'll
never have to wait for love.
Track Name: Good Morning, Black Morning
Summer was fading fast
like all our old clothes

Those summers faded fast
the weird flow and shift
has past

The lake breathed starry beads
of dew all 'round my feet
but no more

But when stars all swallow void
and when I return to soil
there still will be
warm, receding black

oh, good morning black...
oh, good morning black...
oh, good morning black...